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Charlotte, North Carolina Maternity Photographer

Charlotte Maternity Photography sessions takes place between 30-34 weeks in term. I utilize my studio to create a fine art style gallery with maternity gown, fabrics and bodysuits available in my client closet. I also have hand picked several locations designated for maternity sessions in Waxhaw and surrounding areas. You are more than welcome to include your family and doggos in your session.

Your gallery of beautifully edited maternity portraits will be ready within 2 weeks after your session. We will schedule your photo reveal at the end of your maternity photography session. We specialize in designing elegant and timeless wall décor. You’re welcome to provide us with snapshots of your wall space, so we can design a custom display for your home. We offer a lovely selection of fine art prints, Acrylic, and luxury albums for a spectacular presentation of your most special memories. 

Ready to unlock your inner goddess? Let’s start designing the session of your dreams. 

Why book a maternity session?

Pregnancy is a unique and precious time in your life where so much is changing all at once. It can be hard to feel like yourself when pregnant, it's stressful and overwhelming at times, but our photography sessions are a chance for you to relax and enjoy the experience. We'll take care of everything, from flattering poses that make you feel confident and beautiful to a couture wardrobe for you to choose from and professional hair and makeup, so you can sit back and feel pampered. I will work with you to create beautiful images you can cherish for a lifetime, not only to share with family and friends over social media but to cultivate physical art you can cherish and pass down through the generations. Your children will love looking at their maternity album and seeing how beautiful their momma looked while pregnant. We're dedicated to making you feel amazing and confident during your pregnancy; one click at a time!

Your comfort is our

We photograph fully clothed maternity portraits, as well as tastefully implied nude imagery. Many clients like to capture a combination of both, so you’ll have intimate portraits for your bedroom and more conservative imagery for the nursery.

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Wardrobe + hair and makeup is included!

There is no need to stress yourself out about thinking what to wear, how should your hair and makeup be done... we have you covered! Our wardrobe options in our studio, including fitted maternity gowns, tulle robes, bodysuits, crop tops, and silk fabrics to accentuate your curves. You can view samples in Maternity Closet. If you’d like to bring along a particular maternity style, we ask that you provide images prior to your session. We also specialize in capturing tastefully implied nude portraits that showcase the beautiful curves of pregnancy. We will discuss the vision for your portraits beforehand at your in-person consultation. Once your maternity session has been booked, you’ll be receiving our Welcome Packet of preparation tips and style recommendations.

Charlotte, North Carolina Premier Maternity Photography Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use a Charlotte Baby Photographer?

Your professional photographer can help you decide what you want and consider your unique style. We offer ideas or let you take the reins and create the perfect moments.

Do You Offer Family Photography Services?

Yes! You can come to the portrait studio for maternity photography services first. Once your bundle of joy arrives, we schedule newborn photography sessions! Some new moms incorporate their maternity photos into the session. Maternity photographers can do so much to create memories!

Do I Have to Get Family Photos, Too?

No! We don't require you to get family photos or newborn photography services. If all you want is maternity photos, that's what we will do for you. However, many moms decide later that family photos are the next step for them. You can discuss everything with your maternity photographer when you arrive at the portrait studio.

Are you a Maternity Photographer or a Family Photographer?

I'm both and specialize in everything to do with families. A family photographer often deals with larger groups, such as both parents and the children. However, a maternity photographer primarily works with the mom-to-be and possibly the father. You can bring pets, children, and partners with you!

Should I Get Maternity Photos to Surprise My Husband on His Birthday?

Your husband's birthday is a time of celebration, and he's probably excited to bring a new addition into the family. Maternity photos can be a great present. You may want to "spoil the surprise" a little and ask him to come to the photo session or be a part of it!

Where Are You Located?

My portrait studio is in Waxhaw, NC, but I serve Charlotte, NC, Fort Mill, Gastonia, Clover, Huntersville, Pineville, and Belmont, among others.

How Do I Schedule a Portrait Session with a Maternity Photographer?

Call me directly at (919) 840-8177, or use the online contact form to schedule your maternity photos!

Are You Available on Weekends?

I'm currently working Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can contact me during those times to set up an appointment, talk about portrait creations, and meet your maternity photographer (me!)

What If I Don't Feel Good on the Day of the Shoot?

I realize it's tough being pregnant, and I'm a professional photographer. Therefore, I can make you feel comfortable in any situation and help with poses. If you're ill, I recommend contacting me before the shoot to reschedule for a time you feel better.

What If I Don't Feel Good on the Day of the Shoot?

I realize it's tough being pregnant, and I'm a professional photographer. Therefore, I can make you feel comfortable in any situation and help with poses. If you're ill, I recommend contacting me before the shoot to reschedule for a time you feel better.

I See Nude Photos on the Website, and I'm Not Comfortable with That. Can I Use You As My Maternity Photographer?

Many women like to have more intimate photos for the bedroom but put out fully-clothed ones in the nursery and to hand out to family members. If you're uncomfortable being nude, we can use bodysuits, fabrics, gowns and so many other items to help you feel relaxed.

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