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Sofia and her staff offered the best experience that we could have imagined for our maternity and newborn shoots. I use the word experience because that’s truly what it was. It was much more than photographs being taken. From the moment that we initiated conversation to envision our sessions, she made sure that she topped everything that we asked for. From the moment that we stepped into the door, the hospitality was so warming. I’ve never been to a shoot where the photographer was so well equipped with knowing what posing works best for the shots. It’s very few days, if any, that you feel like a princess during pregnancy, but Sofia so to it that I felt every bit of that plus more while being in my third trimester. When we came back for our newborn session, the ambiance in the room was totally geared towards baby. The calm lighting, the quiet atmosphere, and the warm temperature to ensure that baby was comfortable, made for a perfect shoot day. I can’t express how much we are in love with our photographs. These are truly works of art that we are so happy to show to family, friends, and complete strangers because they are really the best photographs we’ve ever had! You would do yourself a disservice should you book with any other photographers within a 200 mile radius!!! - The Bozmans

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use a Charlotte Baby Photographer?

As your professional photographer we can help you decide what you want and consider your unique style to create the perfect photos. We offer ideas or let you take the reins and create the perfect moments.

When Should I Schedule Family Photography Sessions?

Family sessions are scheduled for golden hour if we are shooting an outdoor family session. If we are doing family photos with a newborn session siblings always go first, so we can capture them when their attention span is best.

We try to make sure everyone's comfortable, especially the kids. That way, the family photography time is a fun one, and the family photographer can get things done quickly.

Does the Family Photographer Retouch Photos?

Yes, we can retouch photos as necessary.

Where Is Your Portrait Studio?

Our portrait studio is located at 2406 Creek Manor Drive in Waxhaw, NC.  We're a short drive outside of Charlotte, NC!

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer family photography of all sorts. Whether you need a maternity photographer or newborn photography sessions, we have you covered in our studio.

What Products Do You Offer?

Whether you need family photography or newborn photography, we offer announcement cards, gift prints, wall arts, albums, and digital images. Let us know what you're looking for.

When Should I Schedule My Session?

We recommend scheduling the session a few months in advance but at least two weeks before. That means you can design the session, order outfits and props, book your makeup artist, and reserve permits if needed.

When Should I Schedule My Maternity Photography Session in Charlotte, NC?

It's best to reserve a maternity photographer in your second term so you can have your session between 31 and 35 weeks. The earlier you schedule, the more options you'll have.

When Should I Schedule My Newborn Photography Session in Charlotte, NC?

Newborns often have their own ideas of scheduling. We recommend scheduling the newborn photography session in the third trimester or sooner so that you secure the due date. We realize that things don't always go as planned, so once the baby arrives, we set up an official date.

Typically, you wait until the baby is four to 10 days old. After that, it's challenging to get baby photography sleep poses.

What's the Turnaround Time for Family Photography?

Though it depends on many factors, we can often get items printed in ten to twenty-four business days. Printed images will arrive after you have picked out your finished images.

Can the Family Photographer Offer Advice?

Whether you live in Charlotte, NC, or are nearby, we can offer you advice on the best outdoor locations to use for the most timeless images. However, it depends on what you're looking for.

Family photography is often more challenging because everyone has to be ready at once. Newborn photography is a little easier, but we know babies don't always do what we want!

However, if we're booked as a maternity photographer, we can often help you relax quickly and offer tips for your photo session so that it's amazing.

Is Everything Customized?

We customize every aspect of your photo session, whether it's for family photography, newborn photography, or maternity. You need a professional photographer who understands your concerns, and we make sure that everything goes well. Therefore, everything is fully customized to meet your needs.

How Does Newborn Photography Work?

We are skilled at capturing newborns when they're sleeping and provide a unique style to the set.

What Does a Newborn Photographer Do?

A newborn photographer is a professional who is trained and understands how to pose children safely. We're always careful!

Is There a Difference Between Baby Photography, a Maternity Photographer, and Family Photography?

Generally, no. Family photography is a broad topic, so your family photographer may also be a newborn photographer and a maternity photographer

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