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Congratulations! Whether you've come to me during your pregnancy or you're now cradling your precious bundle of joy, your heart must be brimming with excitement for this journey. Amidst all the affection (and those sleepless nights), those initial weeks with your newborn will slip through your fingers. A Newborn Portrait Session stands as the most exquisite means to immortalize those delicate moments before they embark on the journey of growth.

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We curate a personalized experience meticulously tailored to your family. Nestled in our Waxhaw studio, you'll find all the essentials for an impeccable newborn session, guaranteeing a seamless and worry-free experience, allowing you to focus solely on embracing the new chapter in your life with your precious addition. 

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How it works

Newborn sessions generally last two-four hours, allowing plenty of time for feedings and diaper changes to keep your baby content.

The studio is kept warm and sanitized throughout the session, and all backdrops, wraps and layers are washed with the most gentle hypoallergenic detergents.

We’ll capture a variety of newborn poses, family portraits and all of the details that make your baby unique. Sessions are scheduled for the morning or mid afternoon to make sure baby has been awake for a few hours prior to the session. As you see in our newborn photography gallery, we use the best textiles, props and accessories to create our signature style: true to life, bold and timeless art.

Reviews about the Waxhaw, NC Newborn Photography Experience

Cannot say enough amazing things about Sofia!! Let me start with she was absolutely amazing and super understanding whenever I was having issues getting to her due to doctors appts and a fussy baby, she had no issue working with me to find a time/day that worked for us both! Secondly; we did a newborn shoot with her and my son was just extremely unhappy and not cooperating due to some tummy troubles and she went ABOVE AND BEYOND trying to soothe and comfort him in order to get the photos! She worked with my screaming fussy baby for over 2 hours doing everything in her power to get the perfect photos! Third; she was absolutely amazing with my 4 yr old I brought along! If I was dealing with a super fussy baby and a super hyper toddler while trying to do my job I would probably lose it, but she let my 4 yr old help her and showed him how everything worked and made the experience fun for him as well! He was her “little assistant”! Now on to the photos, They are absolutely STUNNING!!! I was in absolute awe when She sent them over to me! I could not have asked for more in a photographer! She is literally the best I’ve ever worked with and I will definitely be using her going forward!! If you’re on the fence of whether or not to use Nicso Studio just do it!!! You will not be disappointed!!! - Maria


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