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Congratulations! Whether you're finding me during your pregnancy or have your little bundle of joy already in your arms, you must be thrilled about your new journey. With all the love (and those sleepless nights), your first few weeks with your little one will go by so quickly! A Newborn Portrait Session is the best way to capture those tiny moments before they start growing up.

The Premier Newborn Photographer in Charlotte, NC

We create a custom experience designed for your family. Our South Charlotte studio has everything you could ever need for a perfect newborn session. This provides an easy stress free experience so you only have to worry about living your life with your new addition.  

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How it works

Newborn sessions generally last two-four hours, allowing plenty of time for feedings and diaper changes to keep your baby content.

The studio is kept warm and sanitized throughout the session, and all backdrops, wraps and layers are washed with the most gentle hypoallergenic detergents.

We’ll capture a variety of newborn poses, family portraits and all of the details that make your baby unique. Sessions are scheduled for the morning or mid afternoon to make sure baby has been awake for a few hours prior to the session. As you see in our newborn photography gallery, we use the best textiles, props and accessories to create our signature style: true to life, bold and timeless art.

Charlotte, North Carolina Premier Newborn Photography Studio

Have questions about our services? Learn more about our newborn photography sessions in the section below!

More About Our Newborn Photography Charlotte, NC Studio

Do I really need a professional photographer in Charlotte, NC, to take pictures of my newborn?

The truth is that new parents often have a lot to do! There are new routines to settle into, and baby photography may be the last thing on your mind. Taking newborn photos on your phone should be sufficient, right?

Although this may seem like a good idea at first, you will likely regret not hiring a family photographer to capture these moments that go by so quickly.

Moreover, a professional photographer will have the skills and resources to create something truly memorable and capture timeless images with details of your precious little one. With the help of a portrait studio like ours, you can photograph your newborn sleeping before the photos can be ruined with a blink.

Photography services

What are the traits of a reliable family photographer?

The best newborn photographer in Charlotte, NC, is:
  • Experienced
  • Well-trained
  • Creative
  • Affordable
  • Professional

The Charlotte newborn photographer you choose should also have a clean, well-designed portrait studio and a fantastic portfolio. At NicSo Studio, we meet these criteria! Please browse our website to view our portfolio, or contact us for more information.

Why does family photography cost so much?

One of the questions we often hear is, "Why is Charlotte newborn photography so expensive?" After all, you just need a camera to take a photograph, right? Wrong.
As an experienced Charlotte newborn photographer, we can confidently say that hiring a newborn photographer in Charlotte, NC is not overpriced! Here are some of the things that are included in the price:

Venue Hire or Travel Expenses
Firstly, if you're coming into our photo studio for a photo session, you are paying for hiring the venue, and if you choose outdoor locations for capturing newborns, you are charged for the petrol we use to get there.

Our team of Charlotte area newborn photographers will use various props to ensure that your images are memorable. This is included in the price.

As sought-after professional Charlotte, NC, newborn photographers, we use cutting-edge technology for capturing and editing your images, which we have to pay for.

The best newborn photographers in Charlotte, NC, receive training on how to capture your precious moments, so when you hire us, you're paying for our skills and expertise.

Are you also a Charlotte maternity photographer?

If you are pregnant and still planning your newborn photoshoot, you might also be wondering whether we can take care of your maternity photography. The answer is absolutely! You can book us in advance as your maternity and Charlotte newborn baby photographer.

Do you have preventative measures in place to ensure that my baby is protected from COVID-19? 

Absolutely! As an experienced newborn photographer in Charlotte, NC, we understand that protecting a baby from bacteria and viruses is essential, especially during those early days.

This is why we ensure that our family photography studio is always sanitized before and after use for your baby's safety. Our Charlotte, NC, newborn photographer will also wear a mask to prevent the spread of germs.

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