Rainbow Baby Session Charlotte, North Carolina

Rainbow Baby Sessions Charlotte, North Carolina




Finding your Rainbow




- Katrina Mayer

"Rainbows remind us that even after the darkest clouds, and the fiercest winds, there is still beauty" 

This quote represents the thousands of women hoping, praying, enduring rounds IVF, many adoption attempts, tears, and the storm that is going to any length to become a mother. 

As a newborn and maternity photographer, I have the privilege of working with so many glowing mothers and excited families welcoming their bundles of joy. These sessions reflect the pure bliss surrounding new life, but we need to acknowledge the unfortunate statistics.

1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage
1 in 8 women struggle with infertility
1 in 175 births end in still birth
1 in 10 women suffer from a medical condition inhibiting pregnancy

As someone who suffers from medical conditions that can inhibit pregnancy this topic is extremely near and dear to my heart. I have heard hundreds of women share their stories of trials and triumphs along their journey and I completely understand just how hard these families have fought to get here, and just how special this sweet rainbow baby is.

“With this sweet rainbow baby we have found that there is hope and even the darkest of moments can be redeemed. With our first miscarriage my husband ran from the pain and didn’t grieve and wanted to fix me. It made things so much harder. With our second loss we both learned that grieving was necessary and in order to experience the greatest of joys, we must also allow ourselves to experience the aches and deep pain of the darkest moments. Today we walk in the joy and hope of what is to come. We still feel the sting of loss but the rainbow is a promise of the joy to come… and we are beyond grateful and blessed to have this miracle arriving in just 2 months! The road here has been so so difficult. I think the secondary infertility was worse than the years of infertility before we got pregnant the first time. But here I am typing this while I feel this little guy moving wildly in my belly, and the pain and anguish and desperation I felt during the season of longing and waiting seems to fade and feel like years ago because of this beautiful rainbow on the horizon that I will never stop thanking God for. It will never be lost on me the miracle I have in this baby. I recognize so many are waiting on their miracle right now and this breaks me inside over and over. May my journey help me love those better than I ever could if I had never experience the pain of loss and waiting. 

Baby Shepherd

After capturing so many beautiful babies and their families throughout my career, one of my goals has always been finding a way to give back and raise awareness. This program is my way of doing so.

I've decided to gift two incredible family per month a Rainbow Baby Newborn Session.

This program will allow you the opportunity to share your unique story and hopefully inspire and encourage others who may be facing the same struggles that you have.

If you are selected to receive a free newborn session, your testimony will be shared along with photos from your session. 

Finding your Rainbow Sessions Include:

• A complimentary newborn session focused on your baby
• Beautifully styled setups to commemorate this precious journey
• 5 digital images at no charge to you
• A $500 product credit, which can be applied to a print selection of your choice, without any purchase obligation.
• Plus, the choice to add family and sibling portraits for a $150 fee and additional digital image. 

**Please note that submitting an application, does not guarantee a session.

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Applicants should apply no later than the month prior to their due date.

Nominations from friends and family members are allowed.

Selections will be made at the discretion of NicSo Studio.

If you are selected, you will be contacted via email to set up your session.

As a courtesy to other local photographers and applicants, you must not have a newborn session booked with another photographer.

For this program...

The vision for this program is to impact the lives of those struggling with fertility issues by donating sessions to families and providing amazing art for them to keep forever.

A rainbow baby is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn't mean the storm never happened of that the family is not still dealing with the aftermath

Baby Maeve

“With this rainbow, We have found how strong I truly am/ We truly are. Losing a much wanted child that way, literally breaks your soul, just like the repeated negative pregnancy tests. It is so hard to see past the negative thoughts of not being good enough to hold tightly to such a blessing from God. This growing rainbow has also taught me to find the JOY again. Every ache, pain and glorious kick is such a wonderful sensation for me now as I wrap up this pregnancy. Sometimes I wish I could stay pregnant forever (Hahaha). It is that reassurance that I am very blessed to carry our last little blessing from God and is a smile from our angel baby from above.

This means a proper remembrance and celebration of a job well done! It is fitting that I found this program on St. Patrick's Day--what would of been our angel baby's birthday! I am not sure if I can nominate myself/my family as the mom but I will take the opportunity regardless to remember our Patrick who we lost at 14 weeks unexpectedly. Since my hubby and I are both healthcare providers, it hit extra hard since we couldn't "save" our child. It was also a blow in the fact that my hubby is career military and headed for his 5th deployment overseas. We didn't want to send our family story to end with an angel baby just in case my hubby was not able to return from deployment. We had many, many months of mourning Patrick and negative pregnancy tests. Then suddenly out of the blue this past Fall, that super surprising positive test saying our rainbow baby was on the way! These rainbow baby newborn photos would indeed be a high five and fulfillment of our love language--photos are so important to us. I also find it so neat that in your rainbow pictures, our angel baby Patrick gets that remembrance as the rainbow next to his future brother or sister.”

Rainbow Baby Photography
Charlotte, North Carolina